20 positive affirmations to get clear skin now

February 16, 2020

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Do you like to use positive affirmations or you’ve never heard of them. Affirmations are transformative words that, through repetition oral or writing, reach and impress our subconscious mind and, over time, become part of our identity.


Today I am going to share with you 20 powerful affirmations that can improve your skin, remove pimples, raise your self-esteem, and help you embody the ideal you desire.


But what are affirmations?


All repeated thoughts and beliefs are affirmations. They can be negative or positive. In fact, you use affirmations daily, you just don’t notice it. 


When you fail at something and think „I‘m so dumb“ or when you stare at your reflection and say „I hate the way I look“ – that’s an affirmation.  At first, that‘s just a thought but by repeating it over and over, it becomes part of your life and starts to manifest physically into your reality.


Imagine your mind as a garden that you need to take care of every day. When you plant seeds you have to water them enough so they grow tall and beautiful.


It’s the same with your thoughts. When you repeat negative or positive thoughts after a while you start to believe them. By doing this you keep them alive and finally a flower sprouts. However, if you decide to stop believing in a particular thought, what you do is you stop watering it, meaning you ignore the thought, and subsequently the plant withers and dies.


It‘s the same with all of our thoughts. Those in which we believe in, grow strong and big, while others never spring out.


In our garden of consciousness, there is room for all kinds of seeds – positive and negative. We decide what to plant. There are times when we forget that we are in charge and unfortunately allow undesired plants to grow.


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How to use affirmations and affirm correctly?


The process is very simple. You start by planting or affirming positive thoughts and stop watering the negative ones. Yes, it does sound simple, but to be successful you have to add some sort of feeling to these affirmations.


What many people omit to mention about affirmations and the correct way to use them is that for them to work, you must add a positive feeling to your affirmation.

You should feel good when you say it!


Repeating out loud an affirmation like a parrot isn’t going to work if you don’t believe in the possibility of the affirmation actually happening. Your flower would not grow because you’re saying one thing while your mind believes another so your reality would only confirm the opposite.

Imagine repeating “My skin is perfect” again and again. But while saying it, you think “I have pimples, it’s not perfect”.


What you’re doing is contradicting yourself and your subconscious would just manifest the thought you believe more strongly, which is that you don’t have perfect skin.


You don’t have to repeat day and night that your skin is perfect and then wonder why it is not. Then you go on and say that positive affirmations are complete nonsense.


Do you think a person with perfect skin would repeat it all the time? No, that person is confident in it. They wouldn’t even think twice about it because they already know it. They wouldn’t look for evidence to see that their skin is improving or touch their face constantly. No, because they believe their skin is perfect.


That’s how you must approach the process. From the point of view of already having what you desire.


Affirming something you don’t believe in would sound fake at first, but when you persist in the feeling of achieving your desire slowly your mind would get the memo and start to accommodate that new affirmation.


How you look now and more importantly what you think of yourself is the result of your previous thoughts. If you don’t like something, simply stop thinking about what you don’t like and focus on what you want instead.


How to make sure a positive affirmation works?


1. Choose an affirmation. Pick one or several ones that attract you the most.


2. Create an image that matches the result you want to get. If your goal is perfect skin, visualize yourself having perfect skin now. It has to be in the present tense. Maybe touch your skin, feel how smooth and soft it is, see it in a mirror. Add that visual image to the affirmation. Every time you repeat it, feel and see with your mind’s eyes the result you want to achieve.


3. Once you have selected your affirmations, start repeating them. It is enough to say them a few times a day but always with a feeling of already being that you once desired. Remember to be calm, relaxed, and in a good mood. Put a smile on your face. Close your eyes if you want.


When you’re done, continue with your day without obsessing over the affirmation. Know that you have already planted the seed and if you continue to care for it, it will grow and become a beautiful flower. Don’t doubt the process. If at any time doubt starts to creep in, remove it by feeling thankful for having perfect skin.


Congratulations. You are now the proud owner of a baby seed. With persistence, your little seed will grow and transform you into the ideal you have always dreamed of.


20 positive affirmations for clear skin


These are 20 affirmations that I like and use often, but there are thousands of others on the Internet. You can choose anything you like.

1. I am comfortable in my skin.

2. I am blessed with clear and radiant skin.

3. My skin is flawless in every way.

4. My skin glows with radiance and makes me feel beautiful

5. My skin is getting better and better every day.

6. I look at my skin with love.

7. My skin is clear and beautiful.

8. I remember when I had acne. Now, my skin is perfect.

9. People compliment my skin all the time.

10. My skin is clear and calm.

11. I feel at ease in my body.

12. I feel beautiful and loved.

13. I am proud of my appearance.

14. I have perfect skin.

15. I am blessed and loved.

16. I accept my skin just the way it is.

17. My skin makes me happy.

18. I’m thankful for my perfect, flawless skin.

19. My skin heals itself fast.

20. I am a lovely person with wonderful skin.



Repeat your affirmations persistently and you will see results. Comment down below which affirmation is your favorite.

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Thank you for reading. I’m so grateful to all of you. Have a wonderful day people. Until next time.

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