7 things only people with acne understand

August 4, 2020

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7 things only people with acne understand

I think you‘ll agree with me when I say:

Having acne sucks! There I said it.

Below are 7 things only people with acne understand. 

Let‘s go.


1 – Waking up and checking how many new pimples you’ve got


Oh, this one is a real bummer. You‘re sleeping, life is finally good, your troubles seem so far away and then your alarm rings. You wake up and start to assess today‘s damage with your fingers.

“Did the pimple cream work? Are they more and how can I cover them? Screw it, not this again. I‘m so done.“

But on rare instances when the skin gods have smiled upon you, you wake up and your skin is brighter than your future. That‘s the best feeling and you immediately know that you‘re going to have a good day.

You check your face in the mirror and voila the bad pimples have shrunk down, maybe two new ones are brewing but that‘s fine. There are so small, nobody would be able to see them.


2- Being a low key skin expert


Yeah of course you‘re not even close to real professionals like dermatologists and estheticians but your knowledge of skin-related stuff is surreal.

Because of your acne, you‘ve read hundreds of blog posts and watched too many youtube videos that your recommended list is starting to look like an infomercial.

Also, you seem to know the weirdest acne hacks… and unfortunately, you‘ve tried them all. So when a friend tries to help by giving you unsolicited acne advice, you‘re not having it.

“No, putting toothpaste is bad for your skin and lemon can give you pigmentation. Do your research.“

But even with so much knowledge, nobody cares for your advice. It‘s not that you don‘t know what products can help you, it‘s just that it takes time.

“ Wait till I get perfect skin and you‘re all lining up to congratulate me and ask for my skincare routine.“


3 – Eye contact what‘s that?


The struggle of making eye contact is real. It‘s not because you‘re shy or antisocial, it’s just these pimples on your face. They‘re making you act this way.

Has someone told you that you‘re being rude for avoiding eye contact when you‘re filled with anxiety and shame? The audacity.

You avoid looking people in the eyes because you‘re ashamed of your bad skin. The thing is though; it’s only you inside your troubled mind. Other people have their own insecurities to care about yours.

So next time, make eye contact. Intimidate them first.


4 – Some wish for fortune and fame, you wish for… clear skin


Most people want to be millionaires, get famous on Youtube or Instagram.

But you… you only dream of waking up one day, looking in the mirror and seeing your perfectly clear skin, and then going out and not having a care in the world.

You imagine how nice it would be to not think of your skin, cover it with foundation, buy new acne products, and be like a well-stocked store every time you travel somewhere.


5 – People assume your personal hygiene is bad


That’s one of the worst on this list because it’s so further from the truth.

Most people with acne have the best routine that it seems unfair when you think about it.

This usually comes from wild Karens out there who would interrupt  you on the bus or the street and with the loudest voice they’ll exclaim:

“Oh you poor thing, your skin is so bad, you have so much acne. I know a cousin of a cousin who used these products and cleared their skin. You should try them.”

And this is all happening while you’re dying of embarrassment. “No, Karen, thank you, but I don’t need your MLM products.”



6 – Your hair is your friend and makeup is your shield


You’re the expert in covering your acne with your hair. The wind is your worst enemy and ponytails exist only at home.

There are so many hairstyles that can hide acne. Bangs are the ultimate savior for forehead pimples. But then your hair gets oily, hair products irritate your skin and it makes things worse.

You don’t believe anyone who says they only wear makeup because it’s “art on your face? “  Hmm, why you lyin’? 

Putting foundation or bb cream can even out your skin tone, hide hyperpigmentation, and cover some pimples.  You still have acne but it doesn’t look that bad now. You can face the world now, without having to be judged all the time.

And for those clear-skinned people who are like “you know that your acne is caused by wearing makeup and you’ll look so much better without makeup. Just saying” I say shut up. Mind your own business.

Makeup is just that… makeup and there is no higher reason to wear it other than to feel better about yourself. And everyone should be allowed that.


7 – Face masks rule… maybe slightly rule


That’s an exaggeration but you realized that wearing face masks is kind of liberating.

You don’t have to wear any makeup because your face is covered and even if you woke up with the worst breakout nobody would see it.

Your chin and cheeks are nicely hidden beneath the mask and for once you don’t feel like people are judging you for your appearance. And you’re not doing the judging either.

Face masks don’t rule, but being able to feel confident is what rules. So remember that feeling and be that person all the time.



That’s it. If you liked my post, please comment down below and tell me have you ever experienced any of these struggles?

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Have a nice day and know that you’re beautiful and wonderful just the way you are.

7 things only people with acne understand

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