How to get clear skin and remove acne with this manifestation technique

February 16, 2020

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How to jump from having acne to clear skin with this manifestation technique? There are four steps you can make to move from acne to perfect skin. I‘m giving you all the tools need to transform your skin and it‘s up to you on how to use them.

People who have healed their acne and can now show off their clear skin have one thing in common. They share the same mental attitude.

What are all the steps you need to make to have clear skin? 

The first step is desire. A person who truly wants to defeat their acne has to start with the desire to do it. The desire to finally be healed at all costs. No playoffs, no retreats.

Do you have that desire? Good.

When you get to that point of desperation, it‘s usually because you‘ve tried everything and have seen no improvement. And often people decide to do something when their skin is at their worst. That‘s when you feel so down that there‘s no way other than up. With that feeling comes acceptance.

To accept your acne doesn’t mean you’re fine with it. It implies that you’ve stopped fighting against it and you can finally release all the tension. That’s when you’re truly ready to have clear skin.

I want you to make a firm decision that you’re going to do everything you can regularly to achieve your desired result.

The second step is to implement changes.

If you don’t change something in your current lifestyle, you cannot change the existence of your problem. Take your time to think about what habits contribute to acne. The thing with acne is that it cannot survive alone. It has allies in the form of bad habits. Some examples are:

  • Picking at your skin
  • Not having a good skincare routine
  • Going to bed with makeup on
  • Eating mostly junk food
  • Saying mean things to yourself

Do you see yourself in any of these? Or maybe I’ve reminded you of another habit you have. Replace them with their opposites – good habits:

  • Take care of your skin
  • Have a good skincare routine
  • Take off your makeup
  • Eat better meals
  • Say positive affirmations


Staying the same, not getting out of your comfort zone but feeling trapped every day. The fear you get when you finally decide to walk the walk and talk the walk.

And you keep postponing your change, telling yourself tomorrow. I will be ready tomorrow but there is only now.

The first step was a strong desire to change. The second step comes down to a willingness to implement that change. How much and what you need to change is up to you.

Don’t rush into things. If you have no idea what bad habits you’ve collected take time to observe your day-to-day life. They will reveal themselves eventually and when they do you’ll be ready to make a plan and change them.

Now let’s get to the third step.

In the third step, you have to repeat the actions and observe the results. Gather the right tools to make a better routine.

Let’s say you decided to stop picking at your skin and drink more water. Do these things diligently for at least 30 days.

Get yourself a notebook and take time every day to write down what you did to get clear skin. Maybe today you drank more water than yesterday. That is an excellent result and you should write it down. It doesn’t matter how big or small the steps are.

You should be proud of yourself. Write everything you remember and don’t forget to assume the feeling of victory and excitement. You’re one step closer to having perfect skin.

When you concentrate on your success and praise yourself you will notice that the acne would start to slowly disappear because there is nothing to feed off from.

Whatever bad habits you decided to change in step 2 you have to make an effort to get rid of them once and for all.

When you take off your makeup, clean your skin, apply your moisturizer, serums remember to feel all the good emotions.

Then track your progress and pat yourself on the back. Any kind of step forward is going to get you that clear skin.

Always add that excitement when you think about your skin. Look in the mirror and smile. You see acne I see a wonderful human being. Say a few positive affirmations. Do a face mask lovingly and when you’re done for the day write it down.

You’re ready to reach step number 4 

The last step is to create an image of the end result.

Is your end result having clear, perfect skin? Imagine a scene that depicts your desire. It could be seeing yourself in the mirror having perfect skin, receiving a compliment from a friend and hearing how great your skin looks. It could only be feeling grateful.

Choose a scene that you think would happen if your desire was your current reality. Don’t look at the scene from afar. Experience it. Always imagine in first person, present tense as if it’s happening right here and right now.

Talk and act as if you already have perfect skin even with no signs of it happening.

Your scene doesn’t have to be complicated or long, it’s better if it’s short to remember it easily. Loop it like a song stuck in your head. Do it before going to bed while falling asleep.

During the day if and when you feel doubt creeping in, play that scene again and clench to that feeling of success and victory. How would you feel if you have perfect skin? Happy, relaxed, excited? That’s the emotions you need.


To summarize

Step 1 

Start with a clear desire to finally heal your skin. No ifs and buts. For real this time.

Step 2

Change your current lifestyle by getting rid of any bad habits that contribute to your acne. Replace bad habits with good ones.

Step 3

Form those new habits by repeating them and write down every positive result in a notebook. Praise yourself and track down your progress.

Step 4

Construct a scene that implies you have perfect skin. Loop the scene while falling asleep. During the day remind yourself you already have perfect skin. Think like a person with clear skin and forget your current undesired reality.

how to manifest clear skin


I am slowly working through the steps and I’ve seen results in my skin. I stopped being a victim of my acne. The truth is I was never one, to begin with. I was the one constantly criticizing myself, looking in the mirror with hatred. And when I decided to change I wasn’t going to do it half-heartedly. I said to myself “I’ll do it right this time.”

Changing my bad habits was hard. You can see part of it while reading how I tried to stop skin picking. I changed my whole skincare routine and stopped searching for new products to heal my acne.

I did positive affirmations every morning; I spend 5 minutes saying good things to me in the mirror read that here. I drank more water and started doing face massages.

I completely changed my mindset and decided to think from the perspective of a person with clear skin but it wasn’t easy. When I got to step two it was like having an identity crisis.

Acne has been a big part of my life it stayed through the good and the bad and made me feel ugly but doing everything I can about the acne had a close resemblance to cutting off a limp. I felt so scared. It was like I didn’t know who I can be without acne. It took me a while to finally do it because I was terrified.

I wanted to clench tightly to my security blanket – my acne. It was all that I knew. I didn’t remember a time when I didn’t have acne. I knew how to be a person with acne and that was safe for my ego.

But it was time to let go because it got too hard to keep pretending I am happy and to see people having progress while I stayed the same.

Everything you do repeatedly will make a difference – positive or negative.

If you pick at your skin for example, in the beginning, your skin would react the same, heal the same but if you continue doing it for years slowly you would notice that your skin doesn’t look the same anymore.

But if you decide to change your skincare routine and implement that routine daily at first everything would be the same, and that could make you angry a bit because you want to see change fast. But if you decide to persist and apply your skincare day and night, one day you would see that your skin is looking better.

That’s how it is with everything. Do the steps, turn your bad habits into good and as time changes you would notice a difference.

Please share in the comments below what do you think and what are your bad habits?

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