How to grow long lashes with castor oil

February 16, 2020

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Long lashes and beautiful thick eyebrows are always in trend. You can achieve that by using castor oil which helps with hair growth.

Hey guys. This time I wanted to write a quick post and tell you how you can make your eyelashes and eyebrows longer. The results are not instant like going to a beauty salon and getting lash extensions but with persistence, you can grow your lashes and brows.

Most of us have at least one eyebrow horror story from middle school. I‘m no different. I overplucked my eyebrows so much that when I was finished I had just one small straight line.

I have no idea why I thought that looked good. It was horrible and for the longest time, people were asking me why I always looked sad. I wasn‘t sad, but my eyebrows were. It took me years to grow them out and make them appear somewhat decent.

This post is dedicated to all of you beautiful souls who suffered through your teenage years with over-plucked eyebrows.

I’m sure you’ve heard of castor oil. It’s everywhere on the Internet. Again castor oil is not a quick fix. You won’t wake up with Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows but if you’re diligent and you apply the oil every day you will see results.


Why castor oil? 


Castor oil is rich in Vitamin E and ricinoleic acid which speeds growth and deals with hair loss. It slows down hair breakage and strengthens and lengthens the hairs.

To apply castor oil you can use a clean spoolie brush or a Q tip. Sometimes I just use my fingers to spread it out. Coat your eyebrows with the oil and use a tiny bit for the eyelashes to prevent the oil from going into your eyes.

Apply every night before going to bed.


Get Castor oil online Now:

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When can I see results? 

That varies from person to person. I started seeing small changes after a month of consistently applying every single day. Some people however reported seeing results in weeks.

The results weren’t dramatic but I started noticing new hairs appearing and when I was curling my eyelashes they looked longer.


I wanted to share with you an amazing woman whom I watch on Youtube and she has the most beautiful lashes and brows. Her name is Jennifer Myers. You should check both of her videos. She explains how she uses and applies castor oil. Jennifer has been using castor oil for more than 6 years and the results are spectacular.

Here are her videos:

1 How she uses castor oil

2 How she applies castor oil

I’m not sure if I can share the videos if the owner is not happy about it I can take them down immediately.



I always advise my readers to do a patch test before trying any of the suggested oils. And choose a trusted manufacturer because some brands add additional scents that can irritate the skin. While applying the serum onto the lashes make sure to avoid any direct contact with the eyes to not cause redness.

I am not a licensed professional. The last thing I want is for you to experience any sort of negative reaction. Please be cautious.


Thank you for reading. Tell me in the comments if you’ve had success with castor oil. If you enjoy my content you can subscribe to my newsletter.

Have a wonderful day.

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