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February 10, 2021

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acne success story

The reason I created Coreyanya was because of my constant struggle with acne. My acne fight was a never-ending story.

I spent a lot of time browsing the Internet looking for new products and while doing that I read many acne success stories. I also wanted to be part of that club, who doesn’t but it wasn’t happening.

My skin wasn’t improving and I began feeling hopeless.

Was there some kind of a secret? I was doing everything a human could do for their skin and I was getting nowhere.

Honestly, my skin was getting worse and my confidence finally hit rock bottom. There had to be something I was missing. 

I would do face masks regularly, buy a crazy amount of skincare products, exfoliate, apply oils, never sleep with my makeup on, and clean my pillow sheets.

Don‘t laugh at me but at one point I got so desperate that I went to see a psychic. Now thinking about it it seems so ridiculous and she was obviously a fraud. I remember her telling me that my skin would never be clear.

Why? She didn’t really explain but I felt doomed.

For a while at least… but I wasn’t going to take a complete stranger’s answer.

What was the difference between me and all those people who successfully cleared their skin?

There had to be something I was missing.

I read about people whose skin cleared by using fewer products or no skincare at all.

Then there were others who used the Law of attraction and some just found a good skincare routine suitable for their skin type and stuck with it.

Keep doing the same thing over and over and you’ll get the same result. Change something and you’ll get a different result.

So I’m going to cut to the chase. The answer is very simple:

Be consistent with the path you decide to follow.

Was I being consistent? No, I kept switching to a new product every other week and I was very angry that I would never have clear skin.

You know that feeling when you see something inspirational and you get this sudden motivation to transform your life.

For a few days, you drink more water, exercise but your determination doesn’t last long and you return to your starting position or in other words – your previous mindset. 

That’s because, in the beginning, you had this surge of motivation to get you started but what you need to continue is persistence. 

Nobody feels motivated all the time, but people persist in working towards their goals. Your end goal is to have clear skin.

Okay then, choose wisely a skincare routine, follow it every single day and last but not least have faith that you as all people deserve great skin.

Most of the errors people do with their skin are:

  • not having a good routine. You should know your skin very well. If your skin is dry you should focus on hydration, if your skin is oily then maybe you’re exfoliating too much and your skin is overcompensating by producing more sebum.
  • if your main issue is acne then find an active ingredient that treats it but don’t forget that you should also wear sunscreen, moisturize and cleanse your skin.
  • they try new products every week, because of that their skin gets irritated or they use products that are too harsh on their skin. Less is more.
  • and the last thing is a lack of consistency. I know you want your perfect skin right now, but it will take some time. Don’t worry you’ll get there. Be patient, do the things you need to do and results will follow.

I’m putting a big disclaimer here if you get a bad skin reaction or an allergy you shouldn’t persist and sometimes a skincare routine mayst be changed. See a dermatologist if you are not sure what to use on your skin.

Skincare is only a tool to get you to where you want. If you believe strongly that you can heal your acne I’m sure you can do it even without skincare. I just think it’s easier that way. 

Don’t go back to the search engine again and stop doubting your skin’s ability to heal.

Doubt is the enemy of faith. You cannot achieve anything if you don’t believe wholeheartedly that it’s possible.

After all of these revelations, I decided to test it for myself.

I choose a good skincare routine and ditched my negative mindset.

It was very difficult because I was accustomed to not liking, picking on my skin, being obsessed with it. There are days when it’s still is.

My operating mindset was of a person with acne. So my acne and I went to the supermarket, I did all the normal activities while being a person with acne.

If someone looked at me my first thought was that they would react negatively because of my skin, that they would judge me because of my skin. 

It took me over 10 years to even try to love my skin. I was expecting change while hating my skin at the same time.

I was reading blog posts that always mentioned how important it is to love ourselves. This contradicted my belief. I knew I had to love myself, but I didn’t want to.

Not with that skin. I told myself that I would do it when I had clear skin. 

So I think all those people with „I cured my acne success story“ have at least one thing in common. 

Before they started seeing outside results, they had a strong desire to really change, found the solutions, and then persisted.

I know you think it’s not that easy but it’s not impossible. It takes time but you can do it. 

That’s why I created this email 

You can email me, tell me all the struggles you have and I’ll listen, maybe give you some advice if I can.

The only thing you need to succeed is to make the first step forward.

Although acne is a skin disease it also affects the mind and confidence of the person. Even though I spent many nights crying myself to sleep wishing the acne would go away, I learned many valuable lessons on how to take proper care of my skin and mind.

I really want to help people become better at loving themselves. I’m not the best, so don’t expect something great. I’m just a normal girl sharing my experiences and learning from my mistakes.

Have a wonderful day. See you next time.

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