How to make a DIY face toner for dry skin

February 16, 2020

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girl in nature chamomile

Making a chamomile toner is cheap, natural, easy and your skin will thank you. Today I’m going to tell you how to make a face toner out of plain chamomile tea to soothe acne-prone skin and reduce inflammation.

I‘ve been drinking a lot of tea lately. Currently, my favorite tea is chamomile because it is calming, helps me sleep better and reduces stress. I decided to research if it‘s good for skin conditions and found out chamomile is not only good. It‘s one of the best of calming acne-prone skin.


What are the benefits of chamomile? 

Chamomile is perfect for dry, flaky and irritated skin because it hydrates, tightens the pores and balances the PH level of the skin.

The Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine lists Roman chamomile as a natural essential oil used to treat physical conditions such as inflammation, wounds, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns and cold sores because of its anxiolytic properties.

If you’re suffering from acne you know that acne creams dry out your skin and strip it of its natural oils. It’s best to use gentle products to protect your skin barrier and avoid further damaging your skin.


How to make your chamomile toner.


This toner is easy to make. You only need 5 minutes to spare.


You need:

250 ml of water

1 teabag of chamomile or

1 tbsp of dried chamomile flowers

1 tsp of green tea (optional)



chamomile tea

Pour the water into a pot and bring it to a boil. Remove it from the stove and add the chamomile tea bag or dried chamomile flowers.

Place a lid on the pot to infuse the tea and allow it to cool down.

Strain and transfer the toner into a glass bottle.

camomile toner diy

Once it’s cooled down completely dip a cotton pad and apply on the face.

Store the chamomile toner in a refrigerator and use it within a week. Because it doesn’t have any preservatives its shell life is short.

A cool idea is to pour the chamomile water into an ice tray and pop it in the freezer. Use it in the morning after you wake up to refresh your skin. Ice tightens the pores and is great for under-eye circles.


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How to make chamomile toner the lazy way? 

When I don’t have time I skip all of the steps and just make chamomile tea in the microwave. I drink half of it and let the rest cool down. Pour it in a bottle and use the toner on the face.

I finish it off with a nice moisturizer. And we’re done.


Handmade products are great because you know what you put on your skin, but it is important to remember and take care of yourself internally.

Treat yourself with love and respect. Take care of your skin because it is the only one you have and because you love it, not because of that stubborn pimple. It is stubborn because you are.

Everything is temporary and the faster you remove your attention from what you don’t want and focus on what you want, the faster you would see results not only physically, but also on your self-esteem.



I am not a licensed practitioner. Everything I share with you I have tried and I like but everyone‘s skin reacts differently. Always do a patch test before trying any products. People who are allergic to chamomile should not use this toner.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and share in the comment section below what you think of the toner.

And remember we do it all out of love not hate. You are awesome and beautiful. Have a wonderful day.

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