I tried drinking spearmint tea to clear my acne for 30 days. Did it work?

February 16, 2020

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What happens when you drink spearmint tea for 30 days? Does spearmint really help with hormonal acne? Continue reading to find out.

Hey guys! About a month ago, I saw a post on Reddit that spearmint tea is really beneficial to hormonal acne. According to some people that have tried it, spearmint reduces acne because it regulates the female hormones.

Well, I couldn’t help but want to try and see for myself and in order to give my expert opinion, I decided to do an experiment. I  spend 30 days drinking spearmint tea every morning and night.

Maybe it’s just me, but before this experiment, I had no idea there were different types of mint.

What I learned while searching for information on spearmint is that:

– it reduces the symptoms of nausea

– soothes abdominal pain

– helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

–  relieves muscle pain

– toothaches

– headaches

It also contains vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, calcium, magnesium, and iron.

This is a badge of spearmint tea that I had dried and drank.

All of this is great, but I wanted to know what it does to the skin and your hormones when you take it internally. Apart from the Reddit thread where I discovered spearmint and several other sites that hopped on the bandwagon, there wasn’t much written down.

What I have learned is that spearmint lowers the level of male hormones in women called androgens, the most famous one being testosterone and increases the level of the female sex hormone estradiol.

I‘m putting a little DISCLAIMER here and I want you to know that after completing the experiment I decided to go back to Reddit and find more information on spearmint. I probably wouldn’t have started drinking spearmint if I knew these side effects.

There had been only one medical study done in Turkey with 42 women participating who have seen a decrease in male sex hormones androgens in polycystic ovarian syndrome and hirsutism. The study itself says the results only show that taking spearmint decreases the levels of androgens, but it is not a cure for hirsutism and PCOS.

 I also found another Reddit thread where a user talks about her own experience, in which, after drinking spearmint tea, she discovered an increased risk of blood clots. If you have a blood clotting disorder you should stay away from spearmint.

In her post, several people mentioned how their migraines got worse after taking spearmint and others were getting headaches, although one of the benefits of spearmint I kept seeing was a reduction of headaches.

After I  was done with the experiment I decided to continue drinking spearmint once a day. It kind of became a morning routine for me. Maybe a month and a half later I started getting horrible headaches, almost every day. I have never had a headache (only when crying too much lol), but I linked it to my prescription glasses.

After reading the comments, I stopped drinking the tea and my headaches disappeared completely.

Other warnings are for:

People with kidney or liver problems, keep in mind that spearmint may interfere with these organs’ work when taken in higher doses.

If you are transitioning and you are on hormonal therapy consult your doctor beforehand because it could interfere with your medication.

Spearmint is not recommended for pregnant, breastfeeding and women on birth control.

All of these side effects can happen to you, or not. But I have to list them so you know what you’re getting yourself into if you decide to try drinking spearmint tea.

However, in any case, I recommend that you consult a healthcare professional before you start putting anything in your system.

I decided to leave the disclaimer and share the rest of the post as it is because I want to show you how dangerous it is to follow blindly everything you read on the Internet and how important it is to do your research beforehand.

However, I don‘t deny the success stories of people who cleared their hormonal acne.

In my opinion, spearmint has too many side effects and it’s not worth potentially ruining your health over acne.

Now let’s go back to the rest of the post.

I had no idea if it would work or not, but I had to try. I’m sure everyone with long-standing acne like mine would agree.

I have acne only on the lower part of my face, around the mouth, jaw, and cheeks.

Day 1-2
  • I experienced mild heartburn while drinking the spearmint tea. How I fixed was taking small sips and by Day 5 it was gone. I didn’t notice any changes in my skin.
Day 3 – 7

I didn’t see any huge changes in my skin. Some women in Reddit had tremendous results after the second day, I didn’t. However, I noticed that my skin’s complexion looked more even and although I still had cystic pimples they were smaller.

Day 8 – 15

I have been drinking spearmint tea regularly for 15 days now. Well, maybe I missed it once or twice but that’s not important. Reaching the middle of the experiment I was amazed because my skin had improved so much. I even had a few days without a single pimple which was rare back then. The only pimples I had were because of my skin picking that I was trying to get rid of. I had no cysts, my skin was smoother and it felt pretty nice.

Day 16 -30

Towards the end of the experiment, I stopped seeing such huge changes and my skin slowly returned to its original state. Maybe I was used to the dose and it didn’t work anymore. I don’t know.

During this time my period came and it wasn’t that bad. Basically, on my first day, my stomach hurts a lot, this time it didn’t hurt as much and I managed to complete the whole cycle without painkillers.

Something I have not seen mentioned is the effect spearmint has on the breasts. Let me tell you’ll my breasts grew one size. It was certainly not my imagination or any of the premenstrual syndromes, because it stayed after that. The bra I was used to wearing felt small.


After completing the experiment, my breasts returned to their original size,  my skin did not stay the same as it was around day 15, 16, but I was happy with the results.


Does Spearmint tea works?

Yes, if the question is whether it reduces testosterone in women. I got a satisfactory result with my acne, but it was nothing magical that was worth damaging my health.


Is it worth a try?

I say no. It’s not worth it, but if you decide to try it, no one can stop you. I would only recommend that you consult a doctor and monitor your health and if you experience even the slightest negative effect, discontinue use.


Please let me know in the comments what do you think of drinking spearmint and whether you personally have tried it.

Remember that you are wonderful with or without acne. It will disappear sooner than you think. Do everything out of love and take everything you read on the Internet with a grain of salt.

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