Make an oatmeal cleanser to soothe acne-prone skin

February 16, 2020

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This homemade oatmeal cleanser is simple and effective. Oatmeal removes dead skin cells, reduces hyperpigmentation and hydrates your skin. You can make it in no time.


What does oatmeal do? 

Oatmeal contains zinc and amino acids which promote skin healing and fight acne. Oatmeal is an FDA approved therapeutic ingredient for eczema so you know it‘s safe and gentle enough to use even on sensitive skin. To make the cleanser you need only one ingredient – plain oats. They exfoliate without being too harsh and remove impurities from the skin leaving it soft and smooth. After I discovered how powerful oatmeal is I always keep a cup of oats in my bathroom cabinet and cleanse my skin every time I shower.

How to make the oatmeal cleanser: 

Grab a handful of oats and run the tap over it while clenching the oats in a fist. By doing that the oats can get wet enough to soften. Rolled oats tend to be larger than quick oats but it doesn’t matter which ones you use.

Crush them with your fingers until everything is soft. You might notice that when oats get in contact with water they release milk when you press them. Don’t throw that milk. Instead, use the milk and the soaked oats to exfoliate your skin. If it feels too scratchy, add more water.

Exfoliate for a minute or two, and then wash away with lukewarm water. This oatmeal cleanser is completely natural and cheap. I use only when I shower because it gets quite messy. Don‘t leave the oatmeal for too long because when it dries on the skin it sticks and it is difficult to wash it.


Or try these oatmeal cleansers

Click on the images to check prices on Amazon:


I am not a dermatologist, anything I share on I‘ve tried but I can‘t guarantee it would work for you as well. Please always do a patch test before trying any new products on your skin. Also, the oatmeal cleanser cannot be used as a makeup remover and is not a substitute for your regular cleanser.

This time our self-love exercise would be more of a self-love talk instead. 

What I notice in myself and other people is that whenever our skin doesn’t look good we stop liking ourselves immediately and become ashamed. Skin conditions are only temporary. Acne is not forever, nothing is. This too shall pass but the love and respect you share with yourself is a must.

I have been fighting against my skin for so many years and even though I saw no results in that I kept doing it because it was easier to be angry than to take a step forward and learn how to love myself. The truth is I hated my skin therefore I hated myself. And in return, my skin kept getting worse and worse because I was filled with resentment.

No matter how many expensive products I tried, my acne never cleared up until I finally said that I was done spinning the same old record. And I slowly started to relearn everything I once thought was right. Even if you don’t love yourself right now, if you start practicing now one year later everything could be different.

I want to teach you to not only know how to whip out a mask and apply it to your face, everyone can do that but to also do it lovingly and consciously. We need to constantly remind ourselves how beautiful we are so this is a good start of our journey to perfect skin and loving ourselves from within.

Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror without any judgment and just say I love you. Simple as that.

Share in the comments below if you practice self-love and what do you do daily to appreciate yourself? If you enjoy my content and want to stay updated, you can sign up for my newsletter below. Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

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