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February 9, 2021

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Do you spend a painful amount of time and money looking for the perfect skincare product to achieve beautiful skin? However, you never end your search because nothing is good enough for your skin?

No, I’m not trying to sell you a product that would make your troubles go away. I’m trying to say that you can think your way to good skin. It‘s not what you put on your skin, it‘s how you feel while doing it.

This post is more personal than my other ones but it’s something I’ve been pondering for a while.

You know how everyone has this one friend that doesn’t wash their face, they have zero knowledge of skincare, never wears sunscreen (whaat..?) but their skin is glowing.

And then there is me who buys high-quality skincare, does research, has a 6 step skincare routine, never forgets to moisture, wears sunscreen religiously, and my skin is still far from perfect.

Some could argue that it’s just genetics, they’re blessed with good skin but I think it’s something else. I think it’s how they view themselves and their skin.

Is low self-esteem has anything to do with bad skin?

My skin journey has always been more of an inside battle. The acne of course showed physically but it started slowly on the inside with a feeling of shame, guilt, not being good enough.

And then my skin got worse and I couldn’t connect how I look to how I feel, instead, it only reinforced the hate I had for myself. I had a reason to dislike myself now like “can you see how you look? All those pimples of course you should be ashamed of your face”.

Just like that my negative beliefs interfered. I started buying tons of skincare, went to dermatologists but I had no idea that I was preparing myself for failure.

I could barely stand looking at the mirror. All I wanted to do was wipe the skin off my face. I was going to be happy when I get that perfect skin. Not before… How dare I feel good when I look like that?

Using skincare worth hundreds of dollars while feeling like crap won‘t improve your skin.

It won‘t because your mind is focusing only on your negative beliefs and is not creating positive ones. It tells you “I feel like crap and I‘m sure gonna look like it so you can use whatever you want on me. I‘m not gonna change.”

And you start getting frustrated because you spent so much money buying stuff, your time reading reviews of people saying My skin improved so much! I go out without makeup now and get tons of compliments I feel great“.

And you think this is a scam. I‘m not getting the same results.

But what is the solution?

The solution I found is really simple in theory, way hard in practice.

Change your mindset about your skin and everything will transform in front of your eyes. Тhe way you look responds to the way you feel.

Ahh, that sounds about right. When I read it I immediately had this moment of realization, but how am I supposed to do that when I still don’t like myself?

And how can I pretend when I see with my own eyes how my skin looks?


If your skin is not perfect, that is a direct result of how you feel towards yourself. Think about how comfortable you are in your skin, think about what thoughts go through your head when you see your face.

That’s why I got a journal and began writing everything that I can think of my skin. Most of it was negative but it truly showed me how bad I felt.

In order to even try clearing those negative thoughts I had to uncover them first.

I even asked people around me how they felt about their skin. Some said they don’t like their skin, some said they get compliments and there were those who just didn’t care.

And honestly, the ones that don’t care had the best skin. They kind of had this attitude of knowing that they have good skin so why should they care.

I wanted to adopt their way of thinking and nothing else.

How are your skincare products making you feel?

Do you have any idea how you feel while using products on your skin – content, sure that it will work or unhappy that you may have spent foolishly your money again?

And do you spend time reading reviews online, deliberately seeking a negative comment, as if to confirm what would happen to you, too?

Now I’m telling you, it’s time to stop if you want to give your skincare a fair fight and allow your skin to improve.

I would buy products hoping that they would work, but after a few days, I lose hope gone. I subconsciously expected the product to fail. But I didn’t realize why it wasn’t working. I had already read a lot of reviews and knew that it helped some, but I kept comparing myself to them.

I gave explanations on why it won’t work. In my head my skin was much worse, I have had problems for a longer time and so far nothing has worked completely. I would give it a try, sure but I‘m not expecting miracles.

When you start liking what you see in the mirror, huge changes will come. The moment you stop being a slave to your negative beliefs you would naturally gravitate and find skincare products that are a perfect match for your type of skin.

Make a habit of feeling good while doing your routine. It doesn’t cost much. When you put on your eye cream, feel how nice it is, how your skin is soaking all of it.

When you make a DIY mask don’t say to yourself „oh well, I’ve tried everything and nothing works so it won’t work”.  You haven‘t even removed it from your face and yet you’re ready to write a negative comment.

Make your skin your best friend.

Start now. Choose your favorite products and prepare a simple morning and nighttime routine.

When you pass through the mirror make sure to „see“ that your skin is better than yesterday and it is improving greatly because of the proper skincare and the love you‘re showering it with.

When you buy a product don’t search for negative comments and if you see some don‘t be influenced by them.

Of course, if you get any allergic reactions, discontinue using that particular skincare immediately. But if not, be patient, enjoy taking care of your skin and stop checking for results every 3 seconds. It takes time, be patient and in the meanwhile improve your self-love and inner conversation.

Thank you for reading. I’m sorry if this post is very messy, I just hope you got something positive out of it.

Please share in the comments below what you think.

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Have a wonderful day. 

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