What is mirror work and how to do it correctly?

January 25, 2021

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mirror work

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at what exactly is mirror work, what it‘s used for, and why you should try mirror work today.  Continue reading to find out more.

Mirror work is a  technique first popularized by Louise Hay the author of the famous book „Heal your life“. It is a powerful tool used to assist in learning how to love yourself and improve your self-esteem.

Although Mirror work is mainly applied for self-love, it isn’t the only thing you can use it for. For example, with mirror work, you can manifest love, health, wealth and so much more.

How to do mirror work?

To begin manifesting with this technique is very simple. You only need a mirror, a desire to change, and a few positive affirmations.

Looking at yourself creates a stronger connection and you can’t escape being dishonest because the mirror is a reflection of your feelings and it shows where you lack self-love and what you need to improve.

What do you mean by affirmations?

Mirror work and affirmations go hand in hand.

An affirmation is everything you repeat to yourself by speaking or thinking. Affirmations can be positive or negative and the easiest way to change your life is by improving your inner speech.

Positive affirmations when spoken repeatedly can magically shift your path and lead you to what you currently desire. What better way than combining positive affirmations with mirror work.

How many times have you looked at the mirror and thought “gross”. “I look so tired today, my eyebags are terrible.” Do you think that’s helpful and positive? I’m sure you don’t but what if instead of you saying those mean things, you start affirming only nice things?

Like “Wow, look at those beautiful bright eyes. I am gorgeous, I am radiant and I glow with perfection.”

At first mirror work feels like hard work because facing yourself, your insecurities and denying they even exist is not something many of us do on a day to day basis. But you want to reap the rewards, so you must push through. Persistance is key.

What kind of affirmations can I say in front of the mirror?

You can say anything you desire, anything you feel at the moment but the only rule is that it must be positive. “I love you, I look nice today. Thank you. ” These are just suggestions.

You can use encouraging words like I am brave, I am safe, I am powerful or assist yourself in healing by affirming I am healthy, I am healing right now.

Try it after reading this post. Put a timer for 5 minutes and say all the good things you’ve been withholding from yourself just because you thought you don’t deserve them.. Do it now and tell me later how you feel. And then do it tomorrow and the next day and I can guarantee you things will start to change.

Mirror work is also free. You don’t need to pay for expensive seminars when what you have is right there in front of you.

I tried mirror work last year for 30 days and called it the self-love mirror challenge. Because for me it was a challenge. You can read about my experience by clicking here. Since then I’ve grown a lot, most of the things I’ve struggled with are no longer bothering me, like my skin.

I need to do an update on my skin but wow I’ve had huge progress and when I’m looking back at when I first started it feels so far away.

Why do I feel anxious when I look at the mirror?

Feeling anxious, angry, and sad are all normal emotions when starting mirror work. The mirror reflects how you feel about yourself. You can’t hide your true state of being at the moment.

So those negative feelings are actually guidance to what you need to work on. They shouldn’t discourage you instead they should inspire you to proceed.

How to know that things are improving?

At first, there may be slight changes in your day to day life. You may notice that you don’t feel so judgemental towards yourself, you’re smiling more, you feel more energy, your self-esteem is a bit better. These can vary from person to person but if you commit yourself to do mirror work consistently and you do it wholeheartedly, honestly and compassionately things will shift.

Do a 7-day challenge and come back and tell me in the comments how you feel. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

When is the best time to do mirror work?

The best time to do mirror work is just when you wake up or before going to bed. That’s when your analytical mind or in other words your conscious mind is not that active and you can more easily tap into your subconscious.

Other than that consider your daily routine and choose a time when you’re sure you can have 5 minutes to yourself.

Can you manifest physical changes with mirror work?

Sure you can. Manifesting physical changes is the same as manifesting any other thing. While looking at yourself imagine in your mind’s eye how you want to look. See your lips, your skin, your face.

Then affirm exactly that. Deny what you see with your physical eyes. Allow only what you see and feel in your imagination.

Mirror work is quite simple in its existence but profound. And as Louise Hay wrote:

For most of us, sitting in front of a mirror and facing ourselves is difficult at first, so we call this process mirror work. But as you continue, you become less self-critical, and the work turns into mirror play. Very soon your mirror becomes your companion, a dear friend instead of an enemy.

Read what Louse Hay says about mirror work by clicking here.

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